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April 24, 2024
Food Street

New York’s oldest, largest and most sophisticated food court is back. The city has closed down 10+ streets in order to concentrate the world’s food here.

In a city that’s home to the world’s best food.Still hungry?That’s impossible!The cultural diversity of New York City has given it a great variety of food. Immigrants and restaurants from all over the world have brought their authentic taste of home to New York, whether it’s Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, Japanese food, American burgers on the street, or the Michelin restaurant…… on Fifth Avenue Foodies in New York!! Like falling into a bowl of rice!

Let’s go! There’s so much more to eat this year!

Then I will show you a few temptations first!

01Daisy May’s BBQ.

Daisy May’s BBQ features authentic barbecue, and they bring together the best BBQ tastes from around the country in one store. Daisy May’s BBQ is a carnivore’s paradise, and you’ll find one that won’t stop eating.

The Memphis Dry Rub Ribs, Kansas City Sticky Ribs, Beef Brisket & Chicken Sandwiches, Beef Brisket & Chicken Sandwiches, with a cup of The sweet tea with mint leaves, greasy solution success, and a plate of meat!

02Rudy’s Bar.

Rudy’s Bar became famous for serving free hot dogs to New Yorkers for decades, in addition to the landmark pig at his door. With the purchase of any drink, you’ll get a complimentary big New York hot dog, and with free wifi, it’s a popular stop for both on-the-go and on-the-go New Yorkers.

At Rudy’s Bar you can enjoy great service, great drinks, great prices and hot dogs! When you’re tired of walking, come to this stand for a drink and a free hot dog.

03ViVi Bubble Tea.

Recently, I have been obsessed with milk Tea almost every day, so seeing ViVi Bubble Tea is also included in this food festival, I am more determined to go! ViVi Bubble Tea ranges from milk tea to flower and fruit tea, from crispy salt chicken to sweet and not spicy! Suitable for friends who like Taiwan flavor!

Favorite 3Q Milk Bubble Tea, Bo Ba + pudding + fairy grass, a cup to meet all! And COCO’s milk tea three brothers is the same truth.

04Alfie’s Bar & Kitchen.

Alfie’s Bar & Kitchen specializes in burgers, seafood, and cocktails. We all know the flavor of a truly American burger. The skin is crispy, the inside is fluffy, and every bite is full of gravy. I thought cocktails and burgers were not in the same world, but Alfie’s Bar & Kitchen goes well with them.

Alfie’s Bar & Kitchen Brunch is delicious too! Both MORNING MANHATTAN and ALFIE’S SHAKSHUKA are highly recommended.

05Medi Wine.

Located in the heart of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, Medi Wine serves Mediterranean cuisine and a variety of Mediterranean wines.

About 10 years ago, Medi partners Dorian Gashi and Andrea Giacomoni, who have more than 35 years of experience in the wine and service industries, discovered that they shared a common interest and love for food, wine, music, history, politics and football, and the idea for Medi Bar and restaurant was born.


Bao Bao is a Michelin-recommended affordable Thai dish. With fresh vegetables and Thai seasoning, you can have a unique taste of this dish, which is very suitable for the summer in New York! If the food festival has eaten more than half, why not come here to try Thai sour cool, for the second half of the appetite!

Recommended beef steak, sesame soy sauce marinated beef steak, just cooked, not too old, not too tender, with fresh chili and sweet onion, sweet and spicy, refreshing appetizer first!


Nizza is an Italian-style tea restaurant that serves brunch. You can feel the Italian flavor as soon as you walk into Nizza.

Nizza’s pizza is amazing! Especially in the pizza on the two eggs is also a innovation, pizza sauce than pure flavor ketchup has a stronger fragrance, taste more layered, with smooth egg liquid, is a different style oh! Pizza is also great for the food court, eating on the go, eating while browsing.

For two consecutive days, Ninth Avenue International Food Festival will be held at 42nd Street to 57th Street, in addition to a variety of food and drinks, there are also live music performances and family activities! And best of all, admission is free! New York foodies! Don’t miss it!

Little Tips.

· Don’t eat too many calories or large portions of food at the beginning, or eat less than a few stomach will be round.

· There are a lot of fresh juice and fruit sold on site, but the cost performance is not good. You can buy them if you are thirsty, but other special drinks are recommended.

There are no minefields. You can try anything.

· There are many restaurants participating in the activity, which is suitable for multiple friends to go together, and everyone can share more.

· Good luck can come across free ice cream distribution, shopping to eat when don’t forget to look around oh.

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