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Food Street

If I had known about these London food streets, I wouldn’t have gone to soho all the time…

Friends in London every time about dinner, will be fixed to Soho, their more familiar east London small restaurant punch? After all, these places have long been “hot” places, and there are so many different kinds of restaurants that you can pick them up on the go.However, with the adventurous spirit, I decided to break new ground and look for other food centers. Here are some of them, which are recommended to you in terms of quality, price, richness and taste.London Bridge.Nearest Tube station: London Bridge.

I don’t need to mention it. It’s the location of the famous Borough Market. There are vendors in the food market, there are serious restaurants, there is not much Chinese food, but it is definitely a paradise for gourmands. I recommend some of my favorite shops below. It is less than 5 minutes’ walk from London Bridge Underground station. I won’t write down the specific address.


Don’t write the address, outbound look up can see, the most queue that is them. It is known as the first pasta bar in London. It is cheap, delicious, large and fast. I once mentioned this restaurant to a boy studying in Italy, who said, “I come here every day for lunch.

Tapas Brindisa.

One Michelin star Tapas, easy to find, right next to Padella. The food is delicious, faultless, and very fresh (unlike some places where the seafood is freshly thawed). It’s a little less crowded than Padella, but there used to be lines for regular meals.

Lobos Meat & Tapas.

Like Brindisa, this is one of my favorite Spanish restaurants, and unlike the soho branch, which focuses on small plates, you can munch on meat. A classic combination of succulent Iberian pig + steak + sausage + roasted chillies, a little sea salt is very delicious!

Wright Brothers.

Wang Fried delicious seafood restaurant, wine and ingredients are impeccable freshness. There’s a towering fresh platter and a pyrotechnic home-cooked stir-fry of scallions and clams. British dishes like crab toast are also worth trying. This is a restaurant that refreshes my knowledge of British food.

Tooding Broadway.

Nearest Metro station: Tooting Broadway.

A couple of people have told me about Tooting lately, from the Irish guy at the office to a drinking buddy of mine who lives over there. Tooting, it is said, has become the next hippie hub thanks to a government renovation project.

Tooting High Street, Upper Tooting Road and Mitcham Road all offer good food, using the Tooting Broadway subway station as a coordinate.

Apollo Banana Leaf.

Address: 190 Tooting High St London SW17 0SF.

Tooting’s generation has a lot of Sri Lankan restaurants and what is Sri Lankan food like… I think it’s almost Thai in seasoning, Indian in spiciness. If you’re not sure, go to Hoppers in Soho. Roast beef marrow, custard custard and other dishes are delicious.

It doesn’t taste bad, but the prices and portions are much friendlier than Hoppers. A lot of people who come over end up taking one home.


9-11, Broadway Market, Tooting High St London SW17 0RJ.

It’s a small French restaurant with good taste and good price, duck liver jelly is made by oneself, and there is a buy one get one free steak on Tuesday (I don’t know if this activity will continue, you can check it), this is 200-400g flat iron steak, buy one get one free, this is really cheaper than you go to the supermarket to buy and cook.

The Little Taperia.

Address: 143 Tooting High St London SW17 0RU.

His Tapas menu is cheap and classic, and he also makes stuffed cuttlefish maw that you can’t find anywhere, which is why I eat it so often. The ingredients are simple, but perhaps because of the complexity of the preparation and the fact that it looks like an expensive dish, the price can be expected from the insanely expensive restaurants in Chelsea and Mayfair where it’s served as a starter. By the way, anyone who likes to drink sherry will also love this place. They have a great collection.

Hinata heliotropic.

Address: 29 Tooting High St London SW17 0RJ.

Read the Japanese anime “Naruto” friends, must be familiar with this name! This is not Naruto’s wife, Nishito Daisada big miss ah ~OK, the end of the two, this shop is a very good izakaya. Homemade dumplings, chicken and onion skewers, miso eggplant, fried chicken and other traditional izakaya dishes served with cherry blossom curtains and izakaya bar are perfect for after-work drinks with friends. The 4.9/5 rating on google is well deserved.

The Antelope.

Address: 76 Mitcham Rd London SW17 9NG.

European creative food restaurants with good taste and good environment, such as fish, mountain delicacies and other hard dishes, the same taste and size in Soho must be 1/3 (or even twice) expensive. This kind of god shop is really only partial geographical location, and line and cherish ah.

Islington Upper Street.

Nearest Tube station: Highbury & Islington.

Every restaurant on this street is good, and I’ve only eaten 90% of it. It’s made in middle-class Islington. Here are my favorite restaurants above 4.5/5.

La Petite Auberge.

Address: 283 Upper St, London N1 2TZ.

French bistro, stew, fish soup and chicken legs are all local dishes. The price is medium, and the big food (like my beef, chicken and dessert with vegetables and two glasses of wine) costs in the 30-40 range. Don’t worry about the portions, and that’s definitely a fair trade for a small French restaurant with a not very fair plate but a fair trade. I also like the ambiguous environment created by dim lighting.


Address: 167 Upper St, London N1 1US.

A reasonably priced Spanish restaurant, not cheap, but the portions and quality are satisfactory. The ham and cheese platters are thickly cut, the grilled octopus is bouncy, and the setting is perfect for a date. But I like to go alone. The guy thinks it’s too fancy. It’s not his style. So every time I go to my table, it’s basically one person eating alone, and the other tables are all girls and boys and there’s a bunch of flowers on the table…

Gallipoli Cafe & Bistro.

102 Upper St, London N1 1QP.

The first time I ate at this Turkish restaurant was because I didn’t bring an umbrella to shelter from the rain, but once inside, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful ethnic chandeliers and exotic decor! This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever eaten. It’s like being in a thousand and one nights.

I ordered lamb liver, roast lamb and eggplant cold dishes, which were quick and delicious. What is worth mentioning most is the Turkish red wine of his family, which is large in weight, good in taste, and cheaper than the wine of other European regions. I could hardly believe my eyes when I ordered it.

Afghan Kitchen Restaurant.

Address: 35 Islington Green, London N1 8DU.

It’s not technically on Upper St., but on the other side of the fork. It’s easy to find, just across the street. Although the store is small, it is very clean and artistic, and the fire is so hot that the upper and lower floors are crowded with tables, and the table in front of the toilet is crowded with people. Featuring Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern dishes, cod curry is a must. The fish is soft and tender on the outside, and with spicy sauce, I always eat one in and one to go.

Brixton Market.

Nearest Tube station: Brixton.

Brixton’s popularity in recent years is largely due to the hippie mecca, Brixton Market.

The area is home to some of London’s most famous Internet restaurants, such as the Duck Duck Goose Hong Kong-style Tea restaurant, which I recommended earlier. Other good restaurants that are still open include:


Address: Brixton Village, Brixton, London SW9 8PS, Unit 39.

Japanese teppanyaki shop is a very late night restaurant in London. Looking at the lanterns in front of the store from a distance gives one the feeling of entering the set of a Japanese drama. The smoke of teppanyaki makes the clothes smell bad, but watching the chef cook and listening to the sizzling sound of the food is actually very healing. Personally, I think people in Britain need to go to such places more often and listen to the noise of the streets.


Address: 426 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8LF.

nanban is the pronunciation of Nanman chicken cuisine in Nisaki Prefecture. There is a restaurant near my work, which was recently given to my colleague Anli and was highly praised. Nanman chicken can be said to be an advanced version of ordinary Japanese fried chicken, not only softer in the mouth, but also very rich flavor layers.

In addition to Nanman chicken, the local x creative dishes are truly amazing, such as Okinawa bitter melon cheese fried spring rolls, tea egg flavored Scotch eggs, and more. There are also a few popular ramen dishes, such as chicken Miyazaki noodles, Kumamoto pork noodles, and Faye Wong noodles (I don’t know if the store manager is a fan of Faye Wong)… Oh yes, I recommend you to order his Imperial fried rice. The name is very middle, but the fried rice with seafood and vegetables sprinkled with wood fish flowers is really attractive.

The only sad thing is that they seem to have lost the beef sausage stew on the menu, which is one of our favorite offal dishes.

Tiger & Pig.

Address: Granville Arcade, Brixton Village Market 19, Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8PR.

The first time I saw the name of this restaurant, I thought it was Taiwanese food (tiger bites pig). It’s not really a restaurant. It’s more like an izakaya bar, featuring small plates of wine and hanging bags.

Naughty Piglets.

Address: 28 Brixton Water Ln, Brixton, London SW2 1PE.

Naughty Pig is one of my favorite brixton shops because of the cute name hahaha. To be honest, though, the setting and the flavors are the kind I like, with surprising mixes and good quality fresh ingredients.

Broadway Market.

Nearest Tube station: London Fields.

On Saturdays, it’s really a wet market; But on weekdays, it’s a food court. The Orange Line is under London Fields, and it’s only a three-minute walk from the road signs.

This narrow street is home to French cafes, creative Spanish tapas, Italian food, Argentinian kebab, Japanese ramen, and traditional pie (don’t despise pie, it’s delicious!). Pizza place… The only downside is probably no Chinese food.

You have any food mecca, also welcome to leave a message to share Oh.

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