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Countries street food must eat list, foodie must collect

For a foodie, travel is the rhythm of eating all over the world! Today, we introduce the must-eat street food in different countries.Bangkok.It’s not for nothing that Bangkok is known to many tourists as a foodie paradise. The streets of Bangkok are full of food stalls, and the prices are so cheap that they make you cry.Chocolate banana pancake.Add sliced banana to the thinly spread batter, fold the batter into squares and drizzle with chocolate sauce, condensed milk, etc. It tastes sweet and delicious and can’t be stopped.Coconut cake.The doughnut is coated with a sweet, crunchy cookie and coated with a white, sticky, sweet cream. Some have shredded coconut in them, which gives them a delicious coconut taste.

Fried vermicelli.

“Pai Tai” is definitely the most recognizable Thai dish among travelers, its status equal to the historical significance of Kung Pao chicken in China. The combination of sour, spicy, sweet and salty flavors allows you to taste the charm of Thai food in one go.


You don’t have to go to a big restaurant to taste the local food. The most authentic dishes are often found at street stalls. Whether it’s pho or spring cakes, Vietnamese street food will always surprise your taste buds time and time again.


Pho is Vietnam’s famous common people’s cuisine, beef pho can also choose raw or cooked, raw beef for ground meat, in hot soup stirred in the shape of semi-cooked, quite delicious.

Vietnam-style spring rolls.

When eating Vietnamese spring roll, you can wrap the fried spring roll in lettuce, dip it in fish sauce, minced garlic and chili sauce, or dip it in sauce directly without wrapping lettuce. The amount of sauce can be based on personal preference.

Shrimp cake.

Shrimp cakes are also a popular snack in Vietnam. Prawn cakes are made by wrapping fresh prawns in a seasoned batter and frying them in a pan of oil. When they come out of the pan, they taste delicious and crisp.

South Korea.

You must be familiar with Korean food, from kimchi to bulgogi, which can also be eaten in China, so let’s take a look at what you can find on the streets of Korea.

Fried rice cake.

Fried rice cake is the most popular street food in Korean dramas. Fried rice cake is made of chili sauce, sugar, green onion and water. It is not greasy and greasy. It tastes hot and sweet and very delicious. Especially fried rice cake inside the fish cake, taste more delicious.

Chicken skewer.

Chicken skewers are also very common in Korean streets. Chicken skewers are dressed in skewers and roasted with spicy seasoning to create delicious chicken skewers.


When most people think of Japanese food, sushi and salmon are the first things that come to mind. In fact, Japan has a huge variety of food and is known for its delicacy.

Octopus balls.

Snacks from Kansai can be seen everywhere in China now, but the taste is still too imitation. The real octopus maruko has the characteristics of tender skin, delicious taste and low price, which has become a household name in Japan.


Doraemon, A Japanese cartoon character loved by children, is a traditional pastry made from baked dough and filled with red bean paste.


Tokyo Crepe is a combination of traditional and modern leisure food, different from Chinese pancake, different from western cake, is the product of the combination of the two, but the appearance and flavor is better than the previous two, popular all over Japan.


In Singapore, food cultures from all over the world collide with each other in a fiery fashion, creating the rich and versatile food here. Therefore, this paradise of food makes people want to visit again and again.


Chicken satay is a famous Malay dish in Singapore. Chicken skewers are grilled over hot coals and served with rice balls, sliced fresh cucumber and Onions. It is a delicious Malay snack.

Red bean ice.

Red bean ice is one of the three unique hawker desserts in Southeast Asia, and is the king of hawker desserts. It’s a syrupy ice peel with red beans and fruit ice piled into an iceberg, topped with chocolate and durian, depending on the taste of Singapore foodies.


A popular snack in Singapore, you can easily find authentic stalls anywhere. Rakyat is a mixture of Malay and Chinese cuisine. Chopped peanuts are mixed with bean sprouts, green leafy vegetables, beans, fried dough sticks, pineapple and cucumber, and fermented in spicy shrimp paste.


Not to mention the taste of Turkish food, the bright colors of Turkish food are mouth-watering. The highlight of Turkey’s unique taste food is the street food, which has enough variety to make a documentary!

Rotating roast.

Rotary-roast is perhaps the most familiar type of Turkish barbecue in China, and the most photographed in the world. They have beef and chicken, and they are usually served with chips and vegetables, piled with sauce, and rolled up.

The mussel Dorma.

Dolma is actually a starter dish, but you can find many mussels on the streets of Istanbul. Usually priced at 2 lira /3 pieces, Dolma is rice stuffed into the mussels, opened when eating, and squeezed with lemon juice to remove the smell, refreshing and delicious!

Turkish Delight.

Unlike other desserts, this fudge is soft and waxy and not greasy at all. It is usually flavored with rose perfume, frankincense resin and lemon, which gives it a pale pink color. The texture is soft and elastic, similar to jelly, and has a certain viscosity.

New York.

Street food in the United States is almost always served in large portions, which astonishes Chinese who are used to small portions, usually enough for a family. Don’t be put off by his size, though. When you’re in New York, eating street food is also a great way to relax and satisfy your cravings.

Lobster roll.

The cuisine here ranges from Maine, served cold with mayonnaise, to Connecticut, served hot with butter and lemon. Either way, a quarter pound of fresh Maine lobster is a must.


Mexican food became popular in New York thanks to Galicio. The first taco truck opened in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood in 2006, and it has since grown into the rows of food trucks and restaurants you can see on every street today.

Hot dog.

Hot dogs have been popular on the streets of Manhattan since 100 years ago. Hot dogs are sold at the rate of one hot dog every 10 seconds from the opening of the market in the morning. It has been calculated that Americans consume 19 billion hot dogs every year, 90 hot dogs per person, worth 500 million dollars, and eat hot dogs spread on the equator 26 times around the earth.


Britain was once the hegemon of the world, and London was once the center of the world, accommodating delicacies from all over the world. At the same time, in the process of tolerance, produced their own food.

Grill My Cheese.

A delicious Cheese sandwich with a mouthful of rich cheese. If you like cheese, it’s worth a try.

Pizza Piolgrims.

Simple but not simple, creative fillings bring rich flavor. Pizza Pilgrims owns two locations and a mobile vending truck.

Rola Wala.

Rola Wala serves up Indian flavor rolls, which combine ingredients and wonderful flavors. Rola Wala has just opened a permanent restaurant in Leeds.


French food from the price or atmosphere, give people a total noble cold feeling. Paris is known as the city of food, in this place is extremely picky about food, in addition to the high-end French restaurants, there are also more relaxed and delicious street food and snacks for you to taste!

Au P ‘tit Grec rolls.

For just 6 euros, you can have a warm, absolutely generous portion of European-style “egg custard”. Although the appearance and practice are really similar to our egg custard, but the content is very different!

The croquettes.

This is a traditional Middle Eastern dish of freshly fried croquettes and fresh green salad packed into a PITA pockbread and topped with a special sauce. It’s a refreshing, rich, savory snack.

Lightning Puff.

The name alone is cute! The puff styles and flavors here are so innovative, the selection is so dizzying, I just want to take them all home!


Mexico City is famous for its tortillas. But Mexico City has more to offer than pancakes.

Cheese Powder Powder.

Quesadilla is Flour tortilla, wrapped in a salty filling, rolled into a half-moon shape and served hot on a burr, or a whole circle, with melted cheese in the middle to hold the two pieces together. The original recipe used only cheese and no other stuffing.

Corn dough wrapped in stuffing rolls.

Another popular Mexican street food is Tamales, which are tortillas with various fillings, wrapped in corn husks, steamed, and eaten in the shell.


You can see the big difference between Mexican sandwiches and other countries. It’s big!


When you think of Indian food, your first impression might be butter chicken, bread, spicy vegetables and curry. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find Indian cuisine as varied as its people.

Indian flying cake.

“Indian flying cake” is a famous snack in India. It is made of blended flour in the air with “flying” technique. It has the characteristics of delicious, rich and crispy. Tan teacher geography studio comprehensive collation.


The texture is fluffy and chewy, more flavorful than regular flatbread, and can be cooked in the oven in just a few minutes.


Bairpuri is a combination of puffed rice, noodle-like vermicelli called SEV, with vegetables, spices and chutney. The resulting mix contains intense sweet, salty and spicy flavors in a thrilling balance.


When it comes to food, Germany comes to mind with sausages and pork knuckles, and large glasses of beer. Yes, Germans are a meat-loving nation, and even street food can’t go without sausages.

Curry sausage.

The currywurst is heavy, but the fried chicken is delicious! Overseas trips inevitably involve decisions between balanced nutrition and the appearance of food, but when it comes to currywurst, bite down.

Roast meat.

Not only from the inside to the outside evenly cooked, maintain sufficient moisture, but also maximize the maintenance of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients in the meat, after all, the color, aroma, taste of healthy barbecue, let people mouth watering.hamburger.Other countries serve pickles, but here you get a whole burger…Of course, there must be more than that, and the rest is for you to experience it yourself!

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