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Food Street

Can you believe that there is also a “food street” near the campus of American universities?

Anyone who is familiar with college campuses must know that there are often a variety of food shops at the campus gate, whether they are authentic sit-down restaurants or packaged food stalls, which add a lot of flavor to the extracurricular life of college campuses.Even outside many university campuses, a “snack street” culture has formed.Stanford University.”We don’t eat, we meet the big guys.”The famous Stanford, in addition to academic research strength, also attaches great importance to the students’ food life. The school made a PDF version of the recommended restaurant list, which tells everyone about the restaurants near the school.

The Sprout Cafe is famous, not because it tastes good, but because it is said to have been used by many of the biggest names.

This one is located on University Avenue, but there are very few snacks in it that we understand. Most of them are serious sit-down restaurants.

Sprout Cafe.

Besides Sprout Cafe, there are many delicious restaurants. It’s also popular with Stanford students, as various Silicon Valley movers and shakers such as Google founder Larry Page and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are said to dine there regularly.

But it’s not easy to run into big shots. Most of the shops on this street are basically relatively high-end. The average price for those with better conditions is 30 or 40 yuan. Many students say that they cannot afford to eat…

University of California, Berkeley.

“Delicious and cheap, let Stanford envy!”

The University of California, Berkeley, a bitter rival of Stanford, is much more accessible.

Despite the lack of Silicon Valley moguls, Telegraph Avenue in front of Berkeley is really good and cheap, with a variety of fast food and formal restaurants.

The shops here look a little shabby compared to those in Stanford, but you can eat at any one of them, and you can eat pretty well for $20 per person.

Online, Berkley recommends a triple digit Italian Gypsy for a double digit price, and big bowls of delicious Thai Basil.

University of Pennsylvania.

“Even the food has a strong ‘commercial’ feel.”

Spruce Street, near the university, is lined with food trucks. Students say they often grab a snack and eat it on the sidewalk or on the grass when classes are too late.

Some of these trucks sell Philadelphia’s “premier” gourmet beef and cheese sandwich, a long loaf of ribeye beef topped with sauteed Onions and mushrooms topped with melted cheese or topped with chili, which has been around for more than 80 years.

It became a hit thanks to a hotdog vendor’s unexpected innovation that attracted a taxi driver, who gave the sandwich Amway to every passenger.

Not only that, but businesses across the city have created countless “neighborhood” products based on the sandwich: Philly Cheesesteak ice cream, dumplings, sushi…

Indeed, it is the birthplace of well-known business colleges and universities.

In addition to the food truck, there are a variety of Chinese restaurants in the market and Chestnut Street next to the school, including hot pot, Sichuan restaurant, mutton paomo, Cantonese cuisine, dim sum and more.

Having eaten so many cuisines, the students we interviewed most recommended Sheng Ji (Hong Kong-style restaurant), Han Dynasty (Sichuan cuisine), and a Xi ‘an snack called Xi ‘an Cuisine.

Although the interview was conducted online, judging from the crazy behavior of this student who sent me links to restaurants, she must have been hungry after chatting with me about food late at night…

Cornell University.

“Don’t look in the big countryside, both inside and outside can let you eat well!”

Many students don’t want to go to Cornell even if they apply (and most don’t), mainly because, as countless people have said, “there’s nothing to eat.”

But it’s a really good school, and to prove it’s possible to eat well, Palmetto tracked down a Cornell graduate and forced him to name the food nearby.

He said that although there is little to eat in Chokang village, there is also a lot of really good food.

First of all, we should emphasize that Cornell’s own dining halls are excellent. If you ranked college dining halls in the United States, Cornell would be in the top 10.

Cornell has 30 dining areas, some of which are open from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. The school canteen also offers Meal plans at different prices for students to choose from. Most interestingly, there is also a licensed dairy processing plant on Cornell’s campus.

In addition to helping with research, teaching and other outreach projects, the dairy plant also provides students with ice cream, milk, yogurt and pudding.

Even the dessert is ready for you. Do you think it would be inappropriate not to come?

Cornell also has a number of off-campus food hangouts, such as Asian food in Collegetown, which is a top choice for students to improve their weekend meals.

For those who prefer Indian food, go to Taz Indian Cuisione, an a la carte buffet at affordable prices; Those who prefer authentic Korean food can go to Ohana Korean Grill, where bulgogi, udon and mung bean jelly seasoning are popular with repeat customers. If you want to eat Chinese food, Zhuangyuanlou and Haihonglou can satisfy your Chinese stomach.

Ithaca downtown is a bit farther away than Collegetown, but it also has a good selection of cuisines from various countries.

If you don’t choose Cornell because you’re worried about eating well, he’ll be angry!

University of Washington, Seattle.

“Seattle is a food paradise.”

You’ve all heard about Seattle’s culinary possibilities and richness. Because there are a lot of Japanese and Chinese in the area, basically Asian food is very popular.

Next to the University of Washington is a main street called University Ave, Xi ‘an snacks, Guilin rice noodles, Dalian restaurants, Japanese ramen… These Chinese, Japanese and Korean delicacies are all available.

A former student here said she had been eating here for a long time and felt used to it until a UIUC classmate came to her for dinner and said it was “so delicious that I cried” and she realized how wonderful Seattle was.

There is also a Dingtai Fung near the school, if you can drive, you can also eat nearby pancake fruit, skewers, little sheep… Basically, just in terms of diet, it’s no different from life back home.

At the end of the interview, a student added, “In Seattle, there’s always food.” A moment later, she added, “Of course, nothing like New York.”

Meanwhile, the New York University graduate interviewed next door was scowling…

New York University.

“I don’t think there’s anything good to eat in New York…”

That was the summation my NYU graduation advisor gave me, which even made me suspect that she was lying to me…

After repeated questioning, the instructor managed to tell me that it was nice to have a Japanese food street near NYU, and Little Italy and Chinatown near the school.

You can choose both izakaya and kebabs, but I did not recommend any particular one because restaurants around me often change them.

It is worth mentioning that the food truck culture is very popular in American universities. There are many food trucks in front of the New York University Library, selling various snacks. In fact, these food trucks can basically meet the daily dietary needs of students.

There is also a food truck called “Flying Pig Jianbing”, which is run by a Chinese student and is also very good.

From the small partner’s understatement, Palm felt that it was not “nothing to eat”, but “I do not know happiness in happiness”…

Vanderbilt University.

“Love to eat, love to play, come to Vanderbilt.”

Vanderbilt is arguably one of the Top 20 happiest colleges in the country for high school students. Because it is located in the music capital of the United States, there are often a variety of musical activities on and off campus. There is also a very famous bar street called Broadway outside the campus, which is very busy with large and small bars.

Now that we’re done drinking, let’s talk about eating.

Next to the school is 21st Ave, which has a variety of restaurants, but one of the most popular is the muffin shop, pizza shop, ice cream shop, fried chicken shop, and fast food.

Famous fried chicken places like Biscuit Love and Hatti b’s, and ice cream places like Jenni’s.

In an interview, Vanderbilt’s graduates initially turned down Palm’s request for an interview, saying, “The American people are too boring, there is no good food, there is no comparison with China.”

But under Palm’s repeated questioning, she shared a few delicious places and began to recall the taste of the past, exclaiming “Delicious enough to take off in place, began to soar” and ending with “Ah… I’m dying for fried chicken…” Is the end.

This shows how fond Vanderbilt’s food has been for her.

Harvard University.

“The History of Harvard Through a Food Court”.

Finally, Palmetto also interviewed his mentor who graduated from Harvard University. Although most of you won’t be able to attend, you can still learn something about…

Next to Harvard University is the famous Harvard Square, which has been in existence since 1630, earlier than the history of Harvard University.

George Washington commanded the Continental Army here, it was the center of the 19th century abolitionist movement, and it became famous for its 20th century anti-war protests.

Today, the square’s roads are still as they were in 1630, with some wooden houses and old walls.

As Harvard’s fame grew and people got to know more about Harvard Square, it became a bustling place. Later, shopping malls and various small shops were built near the square.

Speaking of good food, there are all kinds of cafes, ice cream shops, burger shops, pizza and so on. Bon Chon, Russell House Tavern, Tasty Burger are all very impressive.

There are also various posts on the Internet featuring a “Harvard Square Taste Map”, which suggests that this is indeed a “foraging paradise”. The square itself and official website, it also has food information summary, need friends can collect: https://www.harvardsquare.com/venue_type/eat-drink/.

It’s a very Harvard food court! How enviable it is to learn well and eat well!

These are the “food courts” around 8 prestigious schools in the United States that I want to share with you today.

In fact, from the above introduction, I believe it is not difficult to find that behind every “food street” is not only the delicious food that makes people’s mouth water when they think of it, but also the strong campus and urban culture. Every time international students think of a certain food, it will lead to a series of beautiful memories.

“Eating” is one of the most important things in life. Behind “eating”, these stories and experiences will deeply exist in the hearts of overseas students.

I hope today’s collation will help you to have a clearer understanding of these schools and the food life of the students. I also hope that every student can harvest the beauty of “eating and drinking without worry”!

Finally, if you’re a college student or a student in the United States,

If you are very impressed by the “snack street” or a restaurant near your school, please share with us in the comments at the end of this article.

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